Message from Carolyn Wright, Owego Rotary President for 2023-24

Welcome, and thank you for visiting this window into what Owego Rotary is and what we do!

Our club meets in the Village of Owego, a picturesque, historic community located along the Susquehanna River in upstate New York. Our members are a mix of young and old from a variety of backgrounds and professions. We all share a wish to be of service to our community and we recognize the value of acquaintance in building a network of support and of personal and professional friendship.

Rotarians around the world are volunteers and believe in truth, fairness, and integrity in all they do. Owego Rotary’s history is a showcase of volunteer service built on the spirit of respect, trust, and caring for over 100 years. We invite you to see what Rotary is all about by investigating these pages. Perhaps you will discover that you would like to join Rotary. We are a friendly group and are happy to see fresh faces and to talk about new ideas.

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Club News
A new venture is underway for Rotary members and residents of Riverview Manor nursing and rehabilitation home. It’s hard to tell who is benefiting more, the residents or Rotarians! Read more about our “Getting to Know You” project! 
The Owego Rotary Club welcomed three new members this January: Patrick Aquilio, Jannis Higgins, and Kaitlynn Schultz. 
Kaitlynn is a graduate student with a young son, Janis is a social service retiree looking for further ways to give back to her community, and Patrick is a former educator who now leads a major social service nonprofit in our community. Get to know them here!
Left to right: Patrick Aquilio, Margaret Rosenheck and Anne Schaeffer

Every community in America is growing aware of the shortage of mental health care, of increasing physical and mental abuse, and the exponential increase in drug abuse.  Yet victims and their loved ones are often at a loss of where to reach out for support. To make sure our Southern Tier neighbors feel supported, District Governor and Owego Rotary Club member Wendy Deis has worked to create this easy to read pamphlet with the list of resources available for individuals in crisis, for those who seek to support them, and for health professionals who can help them. You can download the pamphlet here